Basenotes Fragrance Crossword #31 | Basenotes

It is the weekend, so it is time for the Basenotes Fragrance Crossword. You may both obtain and print a pdf or strive it on-line at Solutions subsequent week.



1. Informal Versace scent
5. Pucci fragrance
7. Beyonce’s first perfume
8. Zoologist perfume, not discontinued, regardless of title
10. Present maker of Britney Spears and John Varvatos fragrances
11. Nice-grandmother of Juliette Has a Gun founder


1. French luxurious jewellery and watch home
2. Coeur-____, perfume by 11 Throughout
3. Murdock scent named after legendary island
4. Crystal maker
6. Arpège home
9. Premier ___, perfume by 11 Throughout


Earlier Resolution​

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