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French ceramics model Astier de Villatte has launched Trois Parfums Historiques, that includes three historic fragrances recreated by perfumer Dominique Ropion: Artaban, Le Dieu Bleu and Les Nuits.

Artaban ~ “Historic fragrance, formulated 2000 years in the past for the king of the Parthians, with invigorating vegetal notes recreated by Dominique Ropion. Artaban is a pure, telluric and wild focus of the wonders of the plant world. We enjoyment of its heady scents: bittersweet marjoram with its small, inexperienced, rounded leaves exhaling a scrumptious aroma; cardamom, with its recent, spicy, aniseed tang, like a bracing gust of wind; cistus labdanum, whose white flowers adorned with crimson dots gave it the title “tears of Christ”; candy, vanilla amber, with its scent of incense; and heat cinnamon, humanity’s most historical spice.”

Le Dieu Bleu ~ “The oldest fragrance on this planet, distinctive and mysterious, used greater than 3000 years in the past in Egypt recreated by Dominique Ropion. Right here merges the extraordinary heat of honeyed, woodish broom flower, mystical and potent myrrh that flows from the tree in spicy but candy white tears, rustic lentisk or balm of Gilead, recent and inexperienced, and calamus, with its astonishing scent of herbs, spices and wooden, that grows in dense clumps on the peaceable banks of the Nile.”

Les Nuits ~ “A unprecedented floral fragrance, which belonged to George Sand within the nineteenth century and was recreated by Dominique Ropion. A singular scent of heady Turkish damascena, the noblest and most luxurious of all roses. To that is mixed, reinforcing its seductive powers, earthy, woody, extremely sensual patchouli, in addition to the refined, powdery notes of iris, floral and heady ylang ylang, and vetiver, that smoky, leathery essence with a fiery temperament.”

Astier de Villatte Artaban, Le Dieu Bleu and Les Nuits can be found in 30 (€155) or 100 (€265) ml. The Trois Parfums Historiques Discovery Set has all three fragrances in 10 ml, plus an accompanying bilingual ebook illustrated by artist Eva Jospin, €195.

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